What is ZELEX auto-sucking vagina?

This innovative feature is available for full-size silicone sex dolls offered by Zelex Doll. The auto-sucking function uses a motorized mechanism inside the doll to create a suction-like sensation around the user's genital area, which can enhance the pleasure and intensity of the user's experience.

To achieve this function, a mechanism similar to a vacuum masturbation cup is installed on the outside of the vagina. Inside the body, a 700mAh rechargeable lithium battery powers the suction function. Once fully charged, the doll can be used without worrying about tangled cords. The machine can be charged using a USB-C charging cable if it runs out of power.

To facilitate easy operation, the switch, charging port, and air vent are all conveniently located under the armpit, as shown in the accompanying picture. With this exciting new feature, Zelex Doll continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with high-quality sex dolls.

Please note that at present, the auto-sucking vagina feature is only available for full-size silicone dolls with a height of 170cm (5ft7) and 165cm (5ft5).

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