What are the differences between the new and old versions of the clip suction?

Based on customer feedback, ZELEX has made several improvements to their doll clip suction module. The circuit part, air pump, and battery are now located externally, with only one air hole left on the body to prevent water from entering. The external module has several advantages, such as being able to replace the battery or module directly without damaging the doll. The new clip-on module can be fully charged in just two hours using a 1A charger or 80 minutes with a 2A charger. Once fully charged, the doll can function continuously for 60 minutes.

Additionally, ZELEX offers a lifetime free replacement policy for the external module, as long as there is no water damage, physical impact, self-disassembly, or any failure of the external module.


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  • This is clearly a step backwards! This is rather a 1.0 from 2.0. Surly, cheaper for the doll manufacturer but for us users a clear step backwards. 1. The "vibrator" noise, 2. External device and than, on the what, 30cm connection? 3. No voice volume control of the moaning whatsoever (imagine a radio without the volume control...). 4. After turning the suction the moaning starts automatically, press twice to turn off the moaning (ups, to late...). Common guys you can not be serious about this. Everything moves toward robotic functions build in the doll, and you go and build an external module for such a small piece of hardware? And than call it 2.0? Seriously?    


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