Starpery Clamp & Sucking Function 2.0 (Only for Silicone Dolls)

There are two buttons on the device, the left one is switch button, the right one is the mode button.

Switch button: Press and hold for 2 seconds, then switch on/off the device( please note there are moaning function together with this device, and click twice can turn off the sound, we will explain this moaning later)

Mode button: There are three modes, first mode is with a smooth speed and force; second mode is with a faster speed and greater intensity than 1st one; and third mode is suitable for the orgasmic.

The new clamp&sucking version is more beautiful(shape), enhanced power and also improve our experience(function).

About Charge: will be fully charged in 1 hour with a 2A 5V charger, and can work continuously for about 2 hours.

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