I want to buy a sex doll that has the ability to stand. How should I choose the functional options?

For silicone dolls, there are two options for standing feet: Standing with bolts and Standing without bolts.

For TPE dolls, there is only one option available: Standing with bolts.

When the doll stands, it needs to lean against a wall or be supported by other items, even if you have chosen standing feet for her.

  • Standing with bolts: The bolts at the bottom of the feet are designed to reduce friction between the feet and the floor, which, compared to feet without standing capability, helps protect the skin on the soles of the feet.
  • Standing without bolts: The skin on the bottom of the feet is harder, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing compared to the three bolts used in the standing with bolts option.

When the doll stands, all the weight of the body is concentrated on the feet. If your doll is heavy, it is not recommended to have her stand for a long time.

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